Oct. 23rd, 2011

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So, yesterday, we-- being [livejournal.com profile] lord_of_smoking, [livejournal.com profile] unknownbinaries and I-- went to the K&G suit warehouse up by Howell Mill Rd to get the former a new suit or two. While there, I got some work done on a PR plan for my mom's Bakery. Still need to finish that up, actually. Anyway, as we were sitting in the car, getting ready to leave-- checking the directions to a friend's townhouse-- when the funniest damn thing happend: Someone backed into my parked car and dented the shit out of my door.

Wait. That's not funny at all.

Everyone's fine, the door closes, and the guy fully admits fault. No police reports, just exchanged info, pictures of damage, etc.

Anyway, went from there to the aforementioned friend's place. Hung out, ate pizza, had a drink, hung out some more. After a while we made the determination to go to a Casino Themed party to which we had all been invited, and it was there that I learned two things: First thing I learned was the rule-set for Craps. Second thing I learned was that i am really good at craps. Everyone started the night with $300,000 in chips. I ended the night with $2,300,000 in chips. The party had a prize factor, where there chip leader for the night won their choice of a Key Lime or a Cherry pie. We went with Key Lime.

A great time was had, by all.

Don't forget that I have a Formspring account. In which, today, i answer the question, "If you could change the process by which we get coffee into something more awesome, what would it be? Give it a new origin story, as it were."

I'm pretty pleased with this one.

Anyway. Later.


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