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for my benefit
"I don't feel the need to Explain myself to you"

A chill wind pronounced
Sliver droplets like stones fall
Shifting perspectives.

Realise the self
Perceptions weave strands of Fate
Live your Truth proudly

"Damien contradicts himself? Fine. Damien is vast, and contains multitudes." - Paul Pietschner, paraphrasing Whitman, on my behalf.


Because they refuse to be. We are at present apart. Not whole, and whole. Differently than before. We are now 1 0 and/in Other, where that which is not One is Other. Before there was only 1 and Not 1. Which was still one, and we were nothing, all together. We defined 1 by 0, and then we came up with 2. Two is Other and One. Other meets one, and they cannot be 0010, so they must be 2. We find ourselves trapped in the idea of Otherness, and we, slowly, become Other to ourselves. Where, then, do we go? The self can not splinter the self, any more. It has forgotten how to Create new homes for itself. Eventually, we may feel the urge to want know/understand those/that whom/which we think of as Other. But if we try to know each other, but forget to know ourselves, we may find that, when we finally do Connect (if such a thing can be said to happen), there will be something lacking, inside. There will be no core, and no base.

The Noetic quality of the self should be paramount to all other things, for-- if we must be cliche-- only after we know from whence we've come may we know to where we are going. To confuse the issue: "All paths lead to the mountain top." Simply knowing Yourself means exactly that-- you know You. You understand that which works for you. That which works for any Other, is theirs. Not yours to question, except to try to understand. If they Grow from true, open, aiming-toward-understanding exchange, then so be it. But we all have our own beliefs.

And we have made our choices

Hail the Self-Constructionist.

Excerpt from a book that doesn't exist: ". . . We cause ourselves to be created, through the choices we make, and we are therefore the puppets on our own strings. It is our desire that makes us dance."


They really need more than 150 interests. My other interests include Claude Debussy, The Art of Noise, Søren Kierkegaard, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Steven King, "Blade Runner", Yoshitaka Amano, horror, KMFDM, Ragnarok, China Miéville& liminality morals, V for Vendetta, wrenching what I want and need from the bloated carcass of academia, and All Of Existence. More updates as things are discovered.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET by unknownbinaries:

SECTION I MANUFACTURER'S INFORMATION: Specific origins of Damien are highly classified, though similar constructs can be derived from application of lightless conditions, flame, vacuum, psychoactive compounds, quantum uncertainty, myth, paradox and trauma, in varying order and amount.

SECTION II HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS / IDENTITY INFORMATION: Caffeine, otherwise unknown or classified.

SECTION III PHYSICAL / CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Damien is a dark and mutable substance, reflective, subject to high levels of conductivity and combustibility. Highly caustic liquid, solid, and mental states. Highly alkaline (caffeine/other). Structures can maintain sharp edges.

SECTION IV FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA: Damien is synergistic when brought near heat or flame, and will extend the reaction of most flammables. Damien can react violently and explosively in the presence of willful stupidity.

SECTION V REACTIVITY DATA: Damien displays complex recursive and tangential reactivity at unpredictable times, and oracular reactions with little catalyst present.

SECTION VI HEALTH HAZARD DATA: Exposure to Damien may cause nootropic, psychotropic, apopheniac and oneirotropic episodes.

SECTION VII PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFE HANDLING AND USE: Damien can be handled safely with the introduction of small amounts of flammable substances, aesthetically pleasing sonic vibrations, Jägermeister, and rare steaks. Sharp edges can be avoided by containing ignorance and avoiding logical fallacies.

SECTION VIII CONTROL MEASURES: Damien should be kept with multiple input vectors at all times, including Internet access, news, and books, ensuring that explosive pressure buildups are vented multiple ways. Careful application of meditation time, sleep, sex, caffeine, beer and hugs will further keep things stable. In emergencies, exposure to baby pandas can forestall a violent reaction.

SECTION IX SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of the impolite, junkies, Glenn Beck and drama whores. However, children are generally just fine.

"Education is empowerment and, therefore, the success of any educational experience is measured in how empowered the recipient believes he or she is." - Dr Lorraine Wilson

An omni-linked world populated with intelligent artifacts will bring sweeping changes to virtually every facet of modern life – from science and education to industry and commerce – leaving no segment of society unaffected by its advance. - C. Altman

"Ideas are bulletproof." - V, Alan Moore and David Llyod's V for Vendetta

My new hypothesis: If we"re built from spirals while living in a giant spiral, then is it possible that everything we put our hands to is infused with the spiral? - Max Cohen in "Pi"

'"Angels and devils," he says and smiles for her, not an unkind smile, but terrible, too, a smile like that. "Monsters and ghosts and gods," and he opens his hand so she can see the symbol burned into his palm. The shape that can't be, not without warping space, seven perfect sides, and seven equal angles, and the darkness around him seems to flare and glimmer.

'"Isn't it a marvelous thing to know?" he asks her. "Even if you forget it all in an instant, wasn't it worth it?"'

- Hitchhiker from greygirlbeast's Threshold

wolven:I'm simply trying to convince them that Our Product is Just as Good!
bakeneko:*giggling* Damien... you're the intellectual equivalent of a Snake-Oil salesman.

"Snake oil is fine, if you're a snake."- mendori's response, later.

I tell you everything you need to hear
But nothing that you want to know.
The only unspoken word
Is the key you need to open me.
I determine life and death
And open every gateway.

What am I?

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