Oct. 20th, 2011

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Over at my Formspring, there's more talk about Magic/k: http://www.formspring.me/Wolven

Last Night, went to go watch Chinatown, down at Emory. Having not seen it in about a decade, I'd forgotten exactly how brutal that movie was. Jesus. This was after previous days spent watching Grosse Pointe Blank and the show "Lost Girl." Interesting stuff.

Had dreams about being a member of the Invisibles, all living in a house together, me and giving a very calm, cogent lecture about the structure and rise of governmental corruption to a group of undergraduates sitting in front of a Government building, waiting to be let in on a tour, or something. Some undergraduate female asked me to explain how corruption takes hold in any government systemm, and I explained that there would always be corruption in any vast system, because people would always see the opportunity to leverage their position to greater advantage, and to have "More Than." Be that more than they had, or more than someone else had, people given power would always want "More Than." The only way to guard against this, I said, was to have constant safeguards in place, so that the people running the system enjoyed no "advantages" over anyone else within it, and were exactly as subject to the rules of the system as anyone else, if not moreso.

"Governments will always become corrupt. It's a necessary component of becoming that vast, that mechanised, and having that many competing interests at work within said vast system." It's like, if anyone gets old enough, most likely they'll get cancer.

Today, I helped my friend Dennis get a U-haul and tomorrow he starts the drive up to New York, where he'll be living, until next year, sometime. Now I'm waiting for State Farm to show up to take pictures of the damage (or lack thereof) on the front of my car. they gave me a two-hour window of between 1 and 3pm, but I haven't heard from them yet.

I think I'm going to go take a practice GRE, and see what I can do for studying, there.
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kidneythieves - [F2theF]--- State Farm just came by to document the damage (or lack thereof) on my car, and while they agreed with me that the likelihood of my having caused the other two cars to collide is extremely low, they did indicate that the other claimant might still try to sue for damages.

kidneythieves - [The Invisible Plan]--- So now's a good time to remin you all of a not-exhaustive list of things in which power I believe: Prayer, Magic, and a Damn Good Lawyer. Because, if the first two don't take care of it, then I'd like to have all three, at my disposal.

And I still don't know how much I can use this to my advantage in the traffic citation, or if the citation for "Following Too Close" will have any bearing on the insurance claims, or vice versa.

Grr. Arg.

kidneythieves - [Floating Angels]-- Universe? If my good news is going to be general or negative (that is "A Specific Bad Thing Didn't Happen! Horray!"), then I would like to request one specific bad thing go away. I think you can guess what it is.


Took the practice GRE math section. Did about as poorly as expected. But, for the most part, I understood why I fucked up. So that's... Good?

Also? I want this album: http://kidneythieves.com/2011/10/18/listen-to-the-invisible-plan/

There's a possibility that I might win it; I'll know next week.


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