Aug. 4th, 2011

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We've talked about Hypersigils before. They are vast and complex living, creative works which go about changing the fabric and direction of your existence, via direct transference of effects through a kind of sympathy-to-your-life process, in which the thing which is created then... Well, for the skeptics, let's say it "allows for your perception to apprehend the ways in which what you create is already to be found, in your life." For the magicians, let's say it "creates and replicates those effects or situations which are found within itself as macro-sympathies in the observable universe." Or some shit like that.

Grant Morrison's The Invisibles was a hypersigil he designed to bring about certain experiences, in his life. Alan Moore's Promethea. Some say that, due to it's twisted mirroring of life in its earlier seasons, the latter third of The West Wing eventually became a hypersigil, which effected some interesting changes in the US political landscape. Austin Osman Spare's entire life's work, post The Blitz.

Hypersigils change lives, is my basic point. So, in that sense, what does yours do? What does it turn you into?

What is it that you create in order to become what you want to be?

Yeah, in a sense it's just "life," but usually the effects of "life" aren't that clear and direct. We don't wish a thing and have it happen. We don't speak a phrase and then watch the pieces of it fall together. Not every day. Not unless you are very... uniquely positioned. And maybe you are. Maybe we all are.

But we all definitely should be.

This is still pertinent.

Good night.


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