Jul. 23rd, 2011

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Dreamed about a tapestry made of sand. Individual grains on tiny fibres which needed to be continually slid into place, and added to, lest they sift down like a multi-coloured dune.

Then something about a Bruce Wayne versus Bane, Bruce crossing the street, leaving a church/hotel, and having a memory of this having happened befor-- a premonition-- and them becoming agitated, turning around, and running back into the building, where Bane (whose "real" name, in the draem was, in fact, just Tom Hardy) was setting up a sniper rifle, in a stairwell. He caught them, they fought, and afterwards became friends. This last was due to the "No Exit" episode of The 4400, which I watched, last night.

So. I've ben unexpectedly sent home for the day. The A/C at the shop is out, and the owner has taken the shifts my coworker and myself, for the evening. So. Here's how today is going to go: [livejournal.com profile] unknownbinaries is getting some work done; I'm going to complete the application process for two positions of which I've been made aware; and then we're going to go get ice cream and use the giftcard my sister sent me for my birthday. I will probably buy a a copy of the extended edition of Limitless. For research purposes.


ANYWAY. Good day to you.
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"Education is empowerment &, therefore, the success of any educational experience is measured in how empowered the recipient believes he or she is." - Dr. Lorraine Wilson

That's two applications done. Almost time for ice cream and Limitless.

Also maybe beer and hanging out. We'll see.


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