Apr. 14th, 2011

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Just a heads-up, I'm doing some spring Cleaning of the F-List. Removing people who haven't commented and/or posted in a very long time. If you find yourself removed and feel this to be in error, please comment here, and I'll correct it.

I will take your silences as validations of my choices.

That is all.
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Last night I dreamed that, in Fringe, Olivia's ability to cross universes was one of transposising consciousness in physicality, rather than transposing physical form in space. Fauxlivia had gone crazy, because of the pregnancy, Olivia having been transposed into her body, for so long that she began to wonder if she'd dreamed being pregnant. When put back into her own body, she kind of snapped from a combination of relief and metaphysical/epistemological shock.

In the meantime, Broyles had decided that the Our-Verse Fringe Team was becoming a liability, and had decided to put together another team, using Fauxlivia's knowledge and desire to make Olivia pay.

Dreamed something else about [livejournal.com profile] pallandrome coming into my coffee shop and getting a giant cookie.
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Yoko Kanno & Origa - [Rise]--- Let's talk about me, for a bit because here's something i just realised about myself, today: I genuinely believe that, if you want something, you'll be far richer for having tried for it.

Now, you may be thinking, "Damien? Why the fuck was this so hard for you to figure out?" And if you're thinking that, I'm not mad at you, because I'm thinking the same thing. It is at the base of every action I've ever taken and it's the ground from which I give all advice. If I were a fish, this would be one of the atoms that makes up water. Seriously.

Coil - Tiny Golden Books--- But that's just it: We come again to the Invisible Architectures of Belief. The first we discussed was Bias, but it extends further than that, into Preference, into Understanding, into Assumption and Perception. These are the states of affairs which define the very way we're able to see the world. Until we become aware of them, our actions have no real intention, no real weight or meaning, because we're acting blind. (Coil - [Cardinal Points]). And so we have to come to feel the edges of the structures of thought in which we live, testing them and teasing them fromt he situations in which we find ourselves, looking for the recurrent themes, the resonant notes, those annoyances which crop up, again and again. And we begin to inuit what the building we live in looks like, from the outside.

David Bowie - [The Man Who Sold the World]--- And so, to restate my present revelation: I genuinely believe that, if you want something, you'll be far richer for having tried for it. Consider the options, consider the pros and cons, and if you still want it, you make the attempt.

Do you want to start a particular business? Look up what it takes, and start it. Want to go back to school? Apply out, take out some loans, and go; debt is ultimately meaningless. Do you want to date someone (as opposed to pining after them, I mean, as I recognise that the latter can be... satisfying)? Then ask them out.

Björk - [Cocoon]--- Nothing is ruined, nothing is irreparable, all is changes in state. Take a deep breath. Take seven. And then make up your mind.

This is one of the things in which I deeply and truly believe. I've only ever seen a satisfaction and growth in self-knowledge come from it, but even if we are dissatisfied with the results, we know something more, are something more than we were, than we would be if we hadn't tried.

Tom Waits - [On The Nickel (Live Atlanta 2008)]--- I would love to hear from people who disagree on this one, especially with respect to why.

Time to go run errands, before the Coheed & Cambria show, tonight.


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