Aug. 25th, 2011

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So, this happened, yesterday:

This is one of the most ingenious uses of Twitter, ever, and it cuts to the heart of the kind of fantastic thing Twitter can be used for.

So damn good.

Also, I dreamed last night of another trip, another being able to wander the world, or at least the Northeast Corridor, with [ profile] unknownbinaries and Rebekah. It was nice. Ended in a Union Station-like place, a mall with transitional transportation. Something about going to see Jhonen Vasquez at a signing hosted by Eagle Eye, only the owner of Eagle Eye also owned the watch shop in this mall. A stranger outside of the watch store found a dual-tone (gold plate and steel) watch, wtih diamonds in the band and around the face, and gave it to me, saying I lost it. I took it into the watch store to check it out, and to see if they'd lost a watch without ever actually asking, and they didn't say "Hey that's where that went," they only let me use their loup to check out the diamonds, and then tried to sell me a watch.

They didn't have the watches I wanted, and we left the shop, with [ profile] unknownbinaries and Rebekah both saying how warm the were, and we saw Lauren swimming in a fountain near the escalators. Some brief discussion about whether we should follow suit, and then I noted that it was okay, because we were already walking down the centre stairs, which were set up like a waterfall. We walked down, and headed to the signing...

Or maybe that order was reversed.


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