Jul. 29th, 2011

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The quote in the subject line has been coming up, for me, a great deal. I often feel alienated, like I have a great deal of very fringe interests, motivations, all in the neat little package that is my brain. It's true of everyone, and it's equally (and trivially) true that everyone has a different and completely singular combination of these fringe, possibly distasteful components. Every component of us is different, but they are all human components.

But... But just because No Thing human is alien to us... does that mean that no combination of those things might be startling? That no configuration of the strange (but human), of the frightening (but human), of the horrific (but human), of the disgusting (but human) might induce in the viewer... Antipathy? Uncanniness? A sense of the unrecognisably alien?

But... But mightn't that be how we become more human? Or, rather, how we incoporate more and more into the sphere of what we consider-- in our vastly, blindly anthropocentric way-- "humanness" to mean? By forcing ourselves to stare into the face of uncanniness? By demanding to be shown the alien and the unfamiliar?

Maybe, in the end, I would have less problems with Terence's famous quote if he had phrased it, "Homo sum​​: humani nihil alienum a me erit."
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vTwo things, really:

1) Here's an article about new MPG standards. 56.2 [54.5] MPG by 2025. Awesome.

2) This article is about designing a 100 MPG vehicle and is from FIVE YEARS AGO.

Seriously, people. We can do better. And I'm not even talking about the fact that we're still on fucking fossil fuels, at all, in the first place.

That much should go unsaid.


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