Jun. 29th, 2011

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So at trivia, tonight, there was a bit more excitement than usual. Some assholes ran out on their check, at the end of the night, and sped off in their white Seabring Convertible. The whole bar saw it happen, and was flabbergasted. Who the fuck does that, at the L5P Vortex?

Well, the waitstaff ran after them to stop them, and when they sped away, they got their plates, and of course the make and model of their car, and that police report was going to be that, until, back at the table... Someone found their phone. The fuckers left their smartphone. A really nice Blackberry.

You know what they say about things like payback? The whole restaurant cheered. We immediately started thinking about who to call, including their mother ("Do you know what your child just did?"), random associates ("Hey motherfucker!" "...Who is this?" "You know who this is! Don't fuck with me! I bet you don't have the guts to fucking come over here and hit me in the face!"), and so on. We toyed around with playing around with the doubtlessly still-logged-in Facebook profile, adding updates such as "I'm a Douchebag Who Skips Out On Checks, Most Recently At The L5P Vortex." We were still trying to figure out what to do, next, when the funniest thing happened...

They called the restaurant. One of the fucking morons actually called, and asked about her lost phone, asked what time they opened in the morning ("well, you're about to close, aren't you?") and made very sure to be specific about what kind of car she drove ("A Black Ford Focus").

Oh tomorrow morning is going to be glorious.

Do not fuck with the people of the L5P Vortex, for they are close-knit and are wonderful to those who treat them well, but they will descend like a demoniac horde on those who try to fuck them over. They're a family.

That is all. Good night.


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