May. 26th, 2011

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Austra "The Beast" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Yes. Over and over, yes.

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I'm thinking about taking a vow of silence for a week. It'd be kind of hard, working the job that I do, but I think it'd be good for my head. But would that extend to the internet? I mean, I only "talk" to a great many of you, through this thing, in the first place...

So am I thinking about a vow of silence, or a vow of non-communication?

When I think about communications, lately, it's more and more difficult for me not to think that I've learned the wrong lesson. That maybe, sometimes if not always, it's just not fucking worth it to try to communicate. It almost always implodes, anyway, eventually, so what's the point?

But i can't just not communicate with people, as I have work that is being conducted solely via e-mail. So.

A Perfect Circle - [Thomas]--- Yes. The question as stands is do I stop talking, or stop communicating, and would it even be feasible to do the latter, without cloistering myself in a monastery?

I think the final answer would be, "no probably not." Are there monasteries around here that allow those who aren't members of the order to stay, for a week, and just... be there?

Probably not.
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FoolishPeople's Strange Factories.

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I highly recommendyou check that out.


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