May. 13th, 2011

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Hirasawa Susumu - [Parade]--- Today is a day wherein I'm reminded that I'm often the catalyst for the synchronicity of others, and that everything changes everything.

I've often had a weird feeling like I'm in the world to help other people find each other rather than find me, directly. And that's not terrible, actually. You get to see people be happy and love each other and do good work, and have sex (well maybe not literally "see" that part... unless that's how ya'll roll), and all kinds of fun shit like that. (Beastie Boys - [Remote Control]). But at the same time, I often feel... forgotten about. People who were my best friends until i introduced them to their best friends, kind of thing, you know? And one could say that it was just paranoia, or something, except that it happens all the fucking time. I catalyse other people's fruitful partnerships, but I don't often feel like I'm actually a part of them, you know?

Always the messenger and eternal middle man. Heh.

Kim Vermillion - 01/01/09 - Underwater--- But this isn't as depressed as it might sound from the word choice, and the dramatic couching. It really is pretty wonderful to watch these things happen, to see these people happy.

The Lonely Island - [Boombox (w/ Julian Casablancas)]--- Supposedly, catalyst reactions leave the catalyst un-altered, but when it comes to people, everything changes everything. This means that every so often it'll hit me that through my actions I facilitate a lot for other people, and I'm really grateful to be able to do that, but that it doesn't... get me what I want? I don't get to create with these people. Honestly, I don't even know what I'd add into the whole of the thing, if I was asked.

Bruce McCulloch - [Al Miller]--- My favourite musicians and artists and writers are also some of my favourite people in the world, and so when they talk about wanting to collaborate, I can point them at each other and say "You? And You? Yes, Right Now."

Architect - [Pastgate]--- I don't know where I was going with this. I love being a facilitator of synchronicity and change. It's just a little melancholy, sometimes.

Total change of gears:

1) Look at what [ profile] unknownbinaries does, every fucking day: and

At the Drive-In - [Fahrenheit]--- 2) A meme: "You're Beautiful." The basic gist is this: Comment on this post in a manner that indicates that it is your desire, and people will comment-- either anonymously or not-- telling you what it is they find fantastic about you.

The Bastard Fairies - [Memento Mori]--- You don't have to play, of course, but comments are always appreciated. It's been a bit quiet around here, of late.

Things done today:

-Paid car insurance
-Got a tux fitted
-Got groceries
-Got a haircut
-Did some consulting work, for my dad.

cEvin Key - [Frozen Sky (w/ Ogre)]--- Yes, this is, in fact, my day off. Why do you ask?


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