Apr. 13th, 2011

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A thing I realised abotu myself, tonight: Drinking is a poor vice for a pyrophiliac, because, instead of drowning our sorrows, we end up trying to dampen our passions.

Good night.
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Emotional desires are necessarily a-logical, but they can influence and be influenced by the course of the logical mind. Eventually, however, that which we desire must either be sated or known and understood to be outside of the scope of that which can and will be sated, or the mechanism of their possibility must be accepted-- much like the mechanism of the possibility of our own death, our own constant surprise-- or we stand in a place of constant hunger, constant dissatisfaction.

And this is not wrong. Constantly wanting to know and to do more is not "wrong," of itself, but it too must be understood for what it is. It must be acccessed with the full measure of our mental capabilities, brought under the heel of the whole of our selves, mental, emotional, rational, physical, and everything else. We have to learn the art of internal Jiu-Jitsu, of the Aikido of the Self, such that we can redirect our energies as necessary, as pertinent, as prudent.

Or there will be frustration with that which is, an inability to accept and process it into anything like that which we desire it to be. [EDIT 12.28: Or only an ability to process it into things just enough like our desires as to be utterly maddening.]

Or maybe that's just me.


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