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Dropz - A Snowflake Falling To The Ground--- I told a particular group of people to pick a number between 1 and 78. Once a number is chosen, it's chosen, so check the comments to see if it's been answered. I laid out my tarot deck in rows, no new shuffling, and I waited.

12: The Sun: New Beginnings. The start of something big. Auspicious.
42: 10 of Pentacles: The clear understanding of your dreams, your goals, your practical needs. The longing to fulfill these.
23: Knight of Wands: The Work that lights a fire, the passionate quest, again.
66: 9 of Wands: The building of a Scaffold, the completion of a frame. Move beyond it, expand around it.
32: 4 of Swords: A breath and the space to breathe. Rest and collect yourself, letting come what comes.
16: 5 of Wands: Conflicts and Clashes with the most fruitful results. Shiva dancing lively debates and passions showing themselves in the fray.
4: Queen of Wands: Wildfire and a feral intensity. The creativity of lightning strikes in the forest, or tiger slashes, red, across the belly of a deer.
76: 9 of Pentacles: And outpouring of support to the unappreciative as the sounds of your currency fall on deaf ears. Reciprocity may not be why you give, but your own reserves aren't yet limitless.
9: The Devil: Keep yourself for yourself, right now, and do what you want to be done. Your only limits are what you desire (What you desire only limits you).
22: Strength: Prying this thing apart with all you've got, like something was lost down its throat, something you have to get back. The teeth may cut into your palms, but the tongue still soothes.
15: 10 of Wands: The ideal of your passion, crystalised and clear,but a wrinkly, a crinkle in the corner. The bundle can become a burden, and the burden might need to be burned.
6: 7 of Swords: Illusions, facades, leaves, faces, strands of hair and teeth: All fall away. Reveal more and more of the truth, but leave less and less of the understanding, like crushing, mangling the blinds as you prise them apart to see through.
7: 4 of Cups: Too Much Good, Too Few Hands. Learn to juggle, or you're going to drop it all.
78: 4 of Pentacles: A foundation of something stable, something fundamental. The basis of the basis, clear, neat, packaged, presented, arranged.
29: 9 of Pentacles: You said you wanted to know, so don't you Dare look away. Keep Those Eyes Open.
18: Page of Pentacles: Stretching into new, uncertain positions like gentle curves with hard edges. The arc of a blade may appear gentle.
13: The Star: Bound to the bleedout, but solid standing. Knowing what you've given, what you hold. You're bound to.

The music was way too poignant to play with, while this was going on. Time, I think, to go to bed.

Good Night.


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